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mAm 2015 Speaker Program

Sunday 1 February 2015
18:00 Registration open
Welcome drink at the hotel (dinner afterwards on your own)
Monday 2 February 2015

Welcome Session

Danick Bionda, Secretary General, Micronarc

Prof. Dr. Volker Saile, Chief Science Officer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, President, Mancef

David Tolfree, Vice President – Europe, Mancef

Yvan Dénéréaz, Office for Economic Affairs, Canton of Vaud

Jean-Michel Stauffer, Innovation adviser in Microtechnologies, Innovaud


Invited Keynote on the Future of Micro-manufacturing I

Chair: Volker Saile, Mancef; KIT

Dr. Kilian Bilger, Director Microsystem Technologies - Corporate Research at Robert Bosch GmbH (DE)
MEMS: Sensors for the Internet of Things

10:00-10:30 Coffee & Exhibition Visit

Micro-manufacturing Applications I – Watchmaking

Chair: Philippe Fischer, FSRM

Keynote: Prof. Yuri Lopez de Meneses, Production Engineering and Robotics Laboratory, HE-Arc (CH)
Towards aesthetic quality control in the production line

Dr. Olivier Dubochet, Section Head, Process Development & Small Series
Production, CSEM (CH)
MEMS for Watches

Stéphane von Gunten, Laboratory and Technology Manager, Ulysse Nardin (CH)
Ulysse Anchor Escapement; innovative horology using silicon technology

Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) – IcoFlex

12:00-13:30 Lunch in the hotel

Micro-manufacturing Applications II – Medtech

Chair: Pierre-André Grandchamp, FSRM

Keynote: Priv.-Doz. Dr.-Ing. Timo Mappes, Director Microscopic Imaging,
Carl Zeiss AG (DE)
Dye-lasers for lab-on-a-chip applications: Integration and sensing schemes

Dr. Harry Heinzelmann, VP, Chief Technology Officer, CSEM (CH)
Nano-Probing Biological Matter for Medical Applications

Dr. Niels Kramer, Department Head, Technology Laboratories at Philips Innovation Services, (NL)
Living Chips and Chips for the Living

Björn Peters, Corporate Business Development Officer, Valtronic (CH)
A secure implant and physiological platform

Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) – Femto Engineering


15:30-16:00 Coffee & Exhibition


Chair: Sebastian Gautsch, EPFL

Keynote: Benedetto Vigna, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Analog, MEMS & Sensors Group, ST Microelectronics (IT/CH)
Beyond Motion MEMS

Prof. Dr. Juergen Brugger, Microsystems Laboratory LMIS 1, EPFL (CH)
Printing and stenciling as advanced MEMS manufacturing methods

Dr. Rafał Walczak, Wrocław University of Technology (PL)
Lab-on-a-chip based instruments for mobile laboratory for real-time battle-field biological weapon detection

Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) – Lyncée Tec

17:30 Adjourn for the day
19:00 Conference Dinner ~ Meet in hotel lobby at 19:00
Tuesday 3 February 2015

Assembly and Automation

Chair: Matthias Krieger, CSEM

Keynote: Prof. Dr. Peter Post, Head of Corporate Research and Technology, FESTO (DE)
Microsystems for Future Automation Solutions in Industry 4.0

Mélanie Dafflon, R&D Manager, Asyril SA (CH)
Flexible feeding system on the way of plug & produce

Prof. Dr. Jan G. Korvink, Director - Laboratory for Simulation, IMTEK (DE)
Nanolitre 1H NMR and MRI detectors for chemistry and the life sciences

Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) – Microtec Südwest

10:00-10:30 Coffee & Exhibition

Novel Manufacturing Technologies I

Chair: David Tolfree, Mancef

Keynote: Dr. Martin Hermatschweiler, CEO, Nanoscribe (DE)
3D printing – the new standard for advanced microfabrication

Dr. Felix Holzner, CEO & co-founder, Swisslitho (CH)
Rapid prototyping of high quality micro- & nanostructures using thermal scanning probes

Dr. Andrea Lovera, CTO, FEMTOprint (CH)
FEMTOPRINT® - enabling innovation with multi feature 3D micro devices out of glass

Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) – KNMF
Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) – Höganäs


12:00 Lunch in the hotel

Novel Manufacturing Technologies II

Chair: Danick Bionda, Micronarc

Keynote: Dr. Erol Harvey, CEO, MiniFAB (AU)
Old is the new New : Update on manufacturing techniques for polymer micro devices

Dr. Alexander Colsmann, Head of Organic Photovoltaics Group, KIT (DE)
Fabrication of Organic Solar Cells from Eco-friendly Solvents

Olivier Theytaz, Engineering Director at Logitech (USA / CH)
From lab to fab: taking lab innovation to mass production

Exhibitor elevator pitch (3 min) – EXPRESS

15:00-15:30 Coffee & Exhibition Visit

Invited Keynote on the Future of Micro-manufacturing II

Chair: Volker Saile, Mancef; KIT

Dr. John Randall, President, Zyvex Labs (USA)
Atomically Precise Manufacturing: The path to digital fabrication and an Inverse Moore's Law



Final Remarks

Prof. Dr. Volker Saile, Chief Science Officer, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), President, Mancef

Danick Bionda, Secretary General, Micronarc


Conference adjourns

Farewell reception in hotel lobby