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2010 Final Speaker Program

Sunday 16 January 2010

FSRM Tutorial

18:00 Welcome drink
Monday 17 January 2010

Opening Session

Edward Byrne, Micronarc Project Manager
Raphaël Conz, Deputy Director, Office for Economic Affairs, Canton of Vaud
Vincent Rivier, President, Micronarc Committee of Experts
David Tolfree, Vice President Mancef, Africa/Europe


Manufacturing of Si MEMS

Invited speaker: Georg Bischopink, Director R&D Si MEMS, Robert Bosch (D)
Title: High Volume Manufacturing and Foundry Service of Si-MEMS

1. Dr. Alex Dommann, VP – Program Manager for MEMS, CSEM (CH)
Title: Industrialization of MEMS

2. Sean Neylon, CEO, Colibrys (CH)
Title: Challenges in design, assembly, packaging and test for harsh environment and safety critical applications.

3. Alan James, Joint Managing Director, Semefab (UK)
Title: Semefab – a versatile MEMS process development partner with volume manufacturing capabilities.

11:00-11:30 Coffee & Exhibition

Manufacturing of Metal Precision Parts

Invited speaker: Dr. Grégoire Genolet, Mimotec (CH)
Title: UV-LiGA manufacturing of microparts on an industrial scale.

1. Prof. Jacques Giovanola, EPFL (CH)
Title: Process and Hardware Developments for Micromachining or Ductile and Brittle Materials

2. Dr. Alexandre Pauchard, CTO, SYNOVA SA (CH)
Title: Precision cutting of thin metals with the Laser MicroJet

3. Martijn Went, Technical Commercial Manager, Mecanor (CH)
Title: Automotive productivity for Micro-Technology Components

13:00-14:30 Lunch in the hotel

Plastic and Ceramic Replication

Invited speaker: Prof. Dr. Juergen Haußelt, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and IMTEK, University of Freiburg, (DE)
Title: Micro Injection Moulding of Ceramics.

1. Prof. Dr. Heinz Kück, HGS-IMAT (DE)
Title: Potential of Moulded Interconnect Devices for Packaging of Miniature Devices

2. Dr. Arne Schleunitz, Paul Scherrer Institut (CH)
Title: Plastic Nanoreplication.

16:00-16:30 Coffee & Exhibition

Automatic Assembly

Invited speaker: Dr. Alain Codourey, CEO, Asyril (CH)
Title: Feeding and conditioning of miniature parts.

1. Guénaël Ribette, International Sales Manager, SET (FR)
30 years in high accuracy bonding

2. Dr. Michel Rochat, CTO, Valtronic Technologies (CH)
Title: Manufacturing Microsystems for Medical Applications

3. Dr. Udo Gommel and Frank Bürger, Fraunhofer IPA (DE)
Title: Clean environment and equipment for precision assembly

18:30-22:30 Conference Dinner - Meet at hotel entrance at 18:30
Tuesday 18 January 2010

Test Equipment and Quality Control Systems

Invited speaker: Prof. Richard Leach, National Physical Laboratory (UK)
Title: Advances in 3D microscale metrology.

1. Dr. Massoud Dadras, COMLAB-CSEM (CH)
Title: Reliability of MEMS.

2. Yves Emery, CEO, Lyncée Tec SA (CH)
Title: Robust and fast static and dynamical 3D characterization of MEMS and MOEMS with Digital Holographic Microcopes.

3. Dr. Stefan Scherer, CEO, Alicona (DE)
Title: FocusVariation: Advanced Optical 3D Metrology for Measurements in Micromanufacturing.

10:30-11:00 Coffee & Exhibition

Future of Micromanufacturing

Invited speaker: Prof. Yves Bellouard, Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)
Title: Femtosecond laser processing of glass: a micro-manufacturing platform for single-material systems that combine optical, mechanical and fluid-handling functions.

1. Dr. Ivano Beltrami, Head of Research, GF AgieCharmilles (CH)
Title: Are there limits in the EDM Process regarding precision and surface quality?

2. Dr. Ivo Utke and Dr. Patrik Hoffmann, EMPA (CH)
Title: Chemical Vapour Deposition with Focused Electron and Ion Beams

3. Prof. Reymond Clavel, EPFL (CH)
Title: Microfactory and ultra high precision robotics: a smart combination for an efficient microengineering production.

12:30-14:00 Lunch in the hotel

Invited Keynote

Dr. Benedetto Vigna, General Manager of the MEMS Product Division of STMicroelectronics (IT)

Keynote Title: STMicroelectronics, ONE-STOP MEMS Supplier


Final remarks, conference adjourns

Volker Saile, Universität Karlsruhe Institute for Microstructure Technology; Mancef Executive Board Member